Social counsellor

The social counsellor communicates with patients, diagnoses their social, economic, psychological or family problems. She tries to positively motivate in solving various social situations in order to contribute to the improvement of the living situation of our patients who are unable to help themselves on their own.

The social counsellor provides comprehensive social-related legal advice mainly to patients, but also to relatives of patients and to medical staff:

  • in the field of health insurance - on the possibilities of reimbursement for provided health care by the health insurance company, notification obligations and contributions to social security by the patient during his illness, solving the debts of defaulters towards the health insurance company, etc.
  • in the field of social security - on issuing temporary incapacity for work, complying with the treatment regime during temporary incapacity for work, counselling on managing disability pension, old-age pension, reduction/withdrawal of disability pension, etc.
  • in the field of social assistance and benefits - advice in handling requests for social assistance provided by the relevant municipality (city) office or the Office of labor, Social affairs and Family, e.g. application for assessment of dependence on social services, placement in a care facility, benefits in material need or application for severe disability card, parking permit, compensatory allowances or aids, care allowance, etc.
  • in the field of other social assistance when arranging the patient's placement in a social service facility, hospice, counselling to survivors of deceased when arranging a funeral, etc. 
  • in other areas when solving labor-related legal problems, when arranging financial assistance from civil associations aimed at helping oncology patients, municipalities, etc.

The social counsellor cooperates with the Office of the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, who is empowered to take measures against institutions that violate the rights of these persons and represents these persons in administrative and judicial proceedings, or submits initiatives to the General Prosecutor's Office.

The social counsellor cooperates with the patient organization League Against Cancer, which can provide oncology patients in unfavorable financial situation with a one-time financial contribution.



JUDr. Ivana Šarlinová


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


NCI, Klenová 1, 833 10 Bratislava, Pavilion M, ground floor, door no. 48

Phone: + 421 2 59 378 614