Patients are not obliged to demonstrate a negative PCR test for COVID-19 prior to commencing the planned hospitalization.

In the case of symptoms of an acute respiratory disease and established indication criteria, based on the indication of the attending physician, the patient will be subjected to a PCR test at NCI before commending the planned hospitalization.

It is further necessary to use a respirator without an exhalation valve with classification of at least FFP2 in the interior of our hospital in order to cover one's nose and mouth.

In the morning of the designated day of hospitalization, the patient first reports to the outpatient clinic of the relevant department where he is to be hospitalized.

In the outpatient clinic, the patient will be issued an admission card for hospitalization, with which the patient proceeds to the Reception (Radiation Oncology Pavilion, ground floor, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.), where he submits his ID card, health insurance card and a registration ticket.

Subsequently, the patient is administratively admitted for hospitalization and he can proceed to the appropriate bed ward, where he will be taken care of by a nurse.

What documents do you need for hospitalization?

  • ID card
  • insurance card
  • proof of incapacity to work, if issued
  • medical records
  • examination results
  • registration ticket

During hospitalization you will need:

  • home shoes 
  • nightwear and a bathrobe
  • toiletries and a towel 
  • medicines and medical devices the patient uses long term