Hospital ombudsman

The hospital ombudsman helps patients with handling their complaints, with difficulties related to the care provided, with their stay in the hospital or communication with the staff. There may be situations when patients believe that their rights have been violated or threatened or, on the contrary, they want to express their satisfaction with the care provided to them in the NCI. He also supports the patients in getting the information they seek. He also accepts praise addressed to the medical staff.

The position of hospital ombudsman was established at the National Cancer Institute as part of the Hospital Recovery Program of the Slovak Ministry of Health, and whose mission is to protect patients' rights. The hospital ombudsman is appointed by the Director of the NCI and his duty is to maintain confidentiality.

The hospital ombudsman at the National Cancer Institute is prof. Juraj Pechan, M.D., CSc.



prof. Juraj Pechan, M.D., CSc.

National Cancer Institute

Klenová 1

833 10 Bratislava


Phone: +421 2 593 78 203